Talk Business & Politics writer Michael Wilkey recently interviewed IMG’s Robert Coon about the state of the 2016 state legislative races in Arkansas.    According to Coon, “If Republicans do end up growing their majorities it will be because they were able to further penetrate long-held Democratic areas in South Arkansas and Northeast Arkansas in particular, that only a few years ago would have been completely off the table… Clearly races in those areas have to be high priorities for GOP leadership, and conversely make or break races for Democratic Party.” 

Regarding the U.S. Senate race, Coon commented “U.S. Senator John Boozman is also facing a primary challenger from Curtis Coleman. It appears that Coleman is still in search of relevancy but I, for one, don’t expect him to find any. After poor showings in the 2010 Senate race and 2014 Governor’s race, the only conclusion I can come up with for his repeated candidacies is that he likes to see his name in print.” 

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