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Terry Benham

Terry Benham is a Partner at Impact Management Group and has over two decades of experience in public relations, political strategy, and government relations.  Terry consults in the public relations, political strategy, and government relations practice areas, and manages the production of media products for the firm’s clients.

Terry consults for a variety of clients including major Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations, and high profile individuals.  He has substantial experience with issues dealing with energy, economic development, environment, higher education, foreign affairs, defense, and transportation.

For over six years, he lead the communications effort to rebuild the brand of Ford Motor Company in 38 media markets across six southern states, including the launch of new products, community outreach programs, and crisis communications.  He is the lead contract consultant for Arkansas’ largest producer of natural gas and has successfully fought excessive regulation for the natural gas industry in Arkansas, which has invested over $12 billion in Arkansas and created over 20,000 jobs in the Fayetteville Shale Play.

Most recently, Terry has been heavily involved in economic revitalization efforts for his hometown.  Since 2008, he has spearheaded numerous efforts that, collectively, raised almost $100 million in public funding for infrastructure.  As a result, those successful projects have attracted over $60 million in private investment and created over 1,000 new jobs.  He has lead efforts to improve K-12 facilities, build business infrastructure, and fund the largest economic development project in the city’s history.  Terry also helped bring the State of Arkansas’ first E-Commerce degree to UALR-Benton, where he Chaired the effort to organize a citizen Advisory Board, and integrate it with the main campus.

Terry was one of the original political professionals for the Republican Party in Arkansas.  He has advised hundreds of political campaigns and worked as a consultant for the Republican National Committee, the Republican Governor’s Association, and the NRCC.  In 2008, he served as the Southern Regional Political Director for Fred Thompson’s Presidential campaign and, in previous years, had enormous success as a party operative, serving as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Louisiana, and Political Director for the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Terry is passionate about democracy and the advancement of freedom across the globe. For almost twenty years, he has consulted with non-governmental organizations and other consultants on Western relations, message strategy, and democracy operations.  He has volunteered to teach political leaders in fragile nations about non-violent resistance, message development, and grassroots campaigning. Terry has worked in Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, Tunisia, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

He is a veteran and served six years in the United States Army. A graduate of the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Terry also attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He and his wife Paula have two children and live in his hometown of Benton, Arkansas.