Ford Motor Company has never been one to put on the brakes when they’re ahead. This line of thinking can also be seen through their commitment to community relations and philanthropic projects. Through the establishment of the Ford Motor Company Fund, Ford’s charitable arm, they have been able to go into communities around the world to teach innovative auto-related safety education.

In 2003, the Ford Fund partnered with the Governors Highway Safety Association to start a program called Driving Skills for Life.  Since then the program has traveled all over the United States and Puerto Rico teaching students about safe driving habits through hands-on driving courses.

Impact Management was hired to plan, execute and promote eleven Driving Skills for Life events across five states in the southeastern United States.  Along with recruiting local high schools to participate and organizing the “Ford Safety Day”, our team managed media outreach for both local and national publications, securing coverage in dozens of outlets.

The Ford Fund’s goal is to give back to the community and they hired Impact Management to make sure their goal was executed in the most impactful and influential way possible.