I spend my days as an Account Manager in IMG’s Louisiana office, but at home I am busy preparing for the birth of my first child. In between a hectic work schedule and the obligatory third-trimester nesting, I used this summer to do some reading as well. Here are a few of my summer reading selections…

The Girlfriends’ Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood (By Vicki Iovine) – I’m due to have my first baby in early September, and in addition to all of the technical pregnancy and parenting books I’ve read, I chose one a little on the lighter side as well. It’s a funny and rather blunt take on how motherhood will change your life. I wouldn’t call it a must-read for expecting mothers, but it definitely made me laugh!

Smart Money, Smart Kids (By Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze) – While I’m about to have the first child of my own, I also am a stepmother to an adorable 7-year old boy. It’s important to my husband and I that we start teaching him at an early age the financial principles that will help him succeed in this aspect of his life. Dave Ramsey’s other books have helped us as adults, and this is another great one on handling money with your kids.

The Alchemist (By Paulo Coelho) – This is one of my favorite books that I wanted to re-read prior to having my baby to reflect on the important things in life. It’s a short, yet powerful read that I would suggest to everyone. Coelho has become one of my favorite authors, so if you enjoy this book, try some of his others too.

What are you reading this summer???